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The vessel and access systems Technical Working Group (TWG) focuses on the challenge of getting wind farm technicians from shore or mothership to their place of work on the turbine.

Access innovation competition

In 2011, the OWA launched the access innovation competition to identify and support a new generation of technology for the OWA partners to safely, cost effectively and reliably access and support their ongoing and future wind farm operations. The competition attracted over 400 submissions. From these submissions, 13 finalists were chosen, including Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs), access systems, and mothership solutions.

Following on from this competition, there have been notable successes with these concepts now in commercial operation

The OWA is currently supporting the following concepts:

The Vessel and Access Systems TWG is open and interested in looking at new and innovative methods of accessing wind farm structures. If you have a concept that you would like to share with the Carbon Trust and OWA partners please contact our offshore wind team.

Performance plots (P-Plots)

The OWA have developed a new Performance Evaluation methodology to better understand the performance of the vessels used in offshore wind, the Crew Transfer Vessels (CTVs).

Summary of the research undertaken and the purpose of this work:

Carbon Trust P-Plot Development Research Summary (PDF)

A series of workshops were organised to engage with the relevant industry in order to explain the purpose and benefits of the P-Plots and the methodology used. The presentations from the workshops have been available:

P-Plot presentation, Seaworks (PDF, June 2017)

P-Plot workshop, London (PDF, April 2017) 

Offshore wind vessel sea trials

As part of the OWA's programme into understanding both conventional and novel offshore wind vessel performance, a significant number of sea trials have been undertaken. The sea trials have provided a method of validating the research done on benchmarking vessel performance. Innovative concepts have aslo been trialled in order to evaluate the potential of this new technology for improving access to the turbines.

For any questions relating to the Vessel and Access workgroup please contact

Without the help of Carbon Trust's OWA program, concepts such as the WAVECRAFT™ might never have been launched in the offshore wind industry. OWA's early-stage support has a true accelerating effect on innovative concepts and ideas.

Øyvind Auestad; Umoe Mandal Technology