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Verification & Assurance Services

Carbon Trust assurance and environmental verification services provide the trusted third-party validation necessary for organisations to report environmental data with confidence, offering the credibility and accuracy necessary to satisfy stakeholder, employee and customer expectations.

Many organisations are now voluntarily measuring and reporting their emissions, waste streams and resource consumption as a part of their sustainability strategy and as a key element in their action plan to reduce and minimise environmental impacts.

Assurance of these reporting statements helps organisations demonstrate they have complied with the appropriate reporting guidance and that the data presented is accurate, thus offering internal and external stakeholders the assurance that the figures have been checked and verified by a trusted, independent third-party.

As a leader in sustainability and certification, the Carbon Trust offers a range of assurance services that provide credibility to any organisation looking to publicly report their environmental impacts.

Benefits of verification and assurance

  • Confidence and credibility
    • You have complete confidence in your environmental data, having been approved by the Carbon Trust as an independent, credible and trustworthy verifier
  • Data accuracy and cost reduction
    • Accurate data ensures that your impacts can be managed effectively by ensuring you are making decisions based on correctly reported data
    • Assuring your environmental data provides a clear lens for financial assessments and a means to identify potential cost reductions
  • Testing of internal systems
    • Verification effectively tests your internal mechanisms to ensure you are monitoring, quantifying and reporting your environmental data accurately
  • Avoiding being labelled as ‘greenwash’
    • Independent verification avoids the risk of your data being seen as unreliable

Our approach

Our approach to assurance is designed to add value to your environmental data and publicly reported numbers by providing robust auditing with independent insight and constructive feedback.

We can undertake independent audits by applying an appropriate internationally recognised standard, such as ISO14064:3 or ISAE 3000, as well as our Carbon Trust Standard.

Our experts will help you understand the risks involved in your reporting process and in the management and disclosure of information via an iterative audit process with active engagement with internal stakeholders.

With a combination of desk based reviews, interviews with key personnel and site visits, we can provide an independent verification service that adds value and delivers a statement for public use and a confidential internal verification report for management.


Why the Carbon Trust

A mission driven, not-for-profit organisation, the Carbon Trust is widely respected as an independent verifier with a trusted and well-recognised brand.

Our technical experts are first-class in their field and have extensive experience in the provision of assurance, verification and certification services.

We led the way in the development and implementation of organisational and full-lifecycle product carbon footprinting and are recognised as a world leader in the calculation and measurement of GHG emissions.

Commercially astute, our account managers and technical consultants can help you leverage the power of verification, assurance and certification services to align with your sustainability strategy and meet your goals.

Our clients are spread across the world and we have worked extensively in the UK, Europe, USA, Latin America, Asia and Australasia.

We are committed to:

  • Delivering excellent, professional customer service while maintaining impartiality
  • Fair presentation of findings and transparency throughout the process
  • Continual improvement through customer feedback

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