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Upcoming OWA Projects

The following list is a provisional indication of the projects that the Offshore Wind Accelerator partners are planning to tender and run over the coming months. However please note that these titles are provisional. All additional information on each area will be provided when the tender documents are made live for each project.


Please monitor the tender page on the website for new projects going live over the next couple of months. Or, alternatively if you would like to be added to our mailing list to be automatically notified of when tenders go live, please email



  • Reducing emissions and fuel consumption in offshore wind vessels
  • Investigation into use of drones in offshore wind operations



  • Fault location in very long HVAC transmission cables
  • Mitigation of Birdcaging and Armour Lateral Buckling of Submarine Cables During Installation
  • Universal Joints for Subsea Power Cables


Electrical Systems

  • Stability Investigations for Offshore Wind Farms with long HVAC Grid Connections
  • Wind power as a controllable source of power generation
  • Reactive power compensation comparisons



  • Corrosion Fatigue Lifetime Reduction
  • Lifetime Extension
  • AdBm Noise Mitigation System Demonstration


Wakes and Wind Resource

  • Global blockage effect
  • Wake Model Benchmarking
  • Impact of gusts on power production and loads
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