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Green building

Carbon Trust response to launch of Green Deal finance

Posted by Myles McCarthy | 28 January 2013

Carbon Trust response to launch of Green Deal finance

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Carbon Trust wins contract to continue managing Energy Technology List

24 January 2013

The Carbon Trust has been awarded the contract to provide a managed Energy Technology List (ETL) service by the Department of Energy and Climate Change.

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Offshore wind turbine bucket foundations

Load-out marks first stage of development at Dogger Bank

22 January 2013

Innovative suction-installed wind turbine foundations on their way to Dogger Bank site, for first stage of construction at the world’s largest offshore wind farm, 125 kilometres off the UK’s east coast.

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Christmas tree discarded, not recycled

Carbon Trust Christmas Tree Disposal Advice

2 January 2013

The real emissions to avoid after Christmas aren't the ones produced by eating too many sprouts. Different methods of disposal for a Christmas tree can have a big impact on its footprint.

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