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Annual report

In 2015/16 the Carbon Trust continued to grow its impact around the world, with an increased focus on emerging markets.

Below are some of the highlights from our Annual Report, showing how the Carbon Trust grew its service businesses in 2015/16 by acting as a catalyst to help our customers accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy.


Our international growth

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Carbon Trust Annual Report 2015/16

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Where Carbon Trust has worked since 2012

Case studies

Our people

Carbon Trust - our people
170 staff at the Carbon Trust, 30 staff nationalities

We have over 170 staff directly employed in pursuit of our mission and a large network of associates with whom we collaborate on specific projects. This large and diverse network of colleagues create truly innovative solutions for our clients. We embrace the idea that innovation is achieved through diversity of thought, thorough engagement of our people, partners and clients and continual development or our expertise and knowledge.

Performance Assessment

The results of the annual impact assessment are presented in the Performance Assessment section of our Annual Report. Our Performance Assessment Methodology publication (PDF) summarises the impact assessment process by each area of activity and describes it in detail by service.

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