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Improve energy efficiency in your office with our free energy-saving guides, and download employee engagement materials, posters and stickers

Employee awareness

Employee engagement in energy efficiency and carbon reduction can help change behaviour in the workplace, to reduce unnecessary energy consumption and cut your organisation's carbon emissions.

Help your organisation's employees play a part in achieving your low-carbon ambitions with our interactive online tool - Empower:

Launch Empower

Calculate how much your organisation can save with Empower by using our savings calculator.

Find out which areas of energy use to target in your organisation with carbon saving advice specific to your business sector, including energy walk around checklists.

Creating an awareness campaign

Download our guide to employee engagement and help engage staff in making your workplace more energy efficient:

Our business and public sector advice services can support you to develop and implement employee engagement strategies, including:

Posters and stickers for employee awareness

Download posters and stickers to encourage staff to save energy:

energy efficiency awareness posters

English language posters - download:



Energy saving stickers - Energy efficiency awareness stickers

Stickers are designed to be compatible with standard label sizes, these include:
21 per sheet: J8160, J8560, L7060, L7160, L7160CL, L7560
30 per sheet: 15160, 15660, 18160, 18660, 5160, 5260, 5520, 5630, 5660, 5960, 8160, 8250, 8460, 8660

Welsh language/Cymraeg posters



Carbon Trust Thermometer

Carbon Trust Thermometers can help you measure the temperature in your workplace and raise awareness of energy saving among employees.


Clipart images

We have over 70 clipart images to promote energy awareness in your business, for use in internal documents, newsletters, publications, or even as backgrounds or screensavers on your computer.

Office energy-saving advice

From PCs to vending machines, office equipment of some kind or another is used by almost all UK businesses, and accounts for around 15% of all the electrical energy used in UK offices.

It's an area where huge savings can be made, as effective management of equipment can reduce its energy consumption by up to 70%. Start by focusing on the following three areas:

  1. Upgrade existing equipment
    Technology advances daily. New equipment with better energy efficiency ratings can lead to big savings. Watch the video and see how much you could save by upgrading old monitors. You'll find advice on a range of equipment in upgrading equipment and systems.
  2. Have an office equipment policy
    Develop a set of guidelines to standardise operations and communicate it. For example: activate stand-by modes on PCs and set up printers to print both sides of the paper (duplex printing).
  3. Maintain equipment
    Well-maintained equipment is more efficient and lasts longer. So set up a maintenance schedule, keep equipment free from obstructions and prevent over-heating by cleaning filters and fans regularly.

View the video below for an overview of how to improve energy efficiency in your office:

Further guidance for office energy-saving

We have the following publications available for free download:

Energy efficiency support

If you'd like to improve energy efficiency of your organisation, see our services to find out how we can help.  This includes financing and implementation support for organisations seeking to invest in energy efficient equipment, for more details visit our Implementation & finance page.

If your organisation is based in Wales or Northern Ireland, visit our regional pages to get details of our UK government-funded support.