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Tools, guides & reports

Tools, guides and reports to help your business or public sector organisation address climate change and harness the economic benefits from the move to a low-carbon economy.

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    Titans or Titanics

    Titans or Titanics? Understanding the business response to climate change and resource scarcity

    How large businesses are responding to climate change and resource scarcity today

    This report seeks to understand and explain how large businesses are responding to climate change and resource scarcity today.  Are the unsinkable ships of the business world running full steam ahead into dangerous waters?

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    The Case for Protein Diversity

    How can increasing the diversity of UK protein choices promote more sustainable diets with lower impacts on health and environment?

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    Floating Offshore Wind Market Technology Review

    How Scotland can take the lead in commercialising floating wind technology and the progress made so far.

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    Scotland’s innovation potential to realise a new integrated energy system

    How vision, innovation and investment into a new, better integrated energy system will help Scotland meet carbon targets, create jobs and secure an international leadership position.

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    Supporting Excellence in UK Remanufacturing

    An industry perspective on achieving the £5bn remanufacturing opportunity for the UK

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    Offshore Wind Cable Burial Risk Assessment Methodology

    Guidance published by the Carbon Trust’s Offshore Wind Accelerator to give the offshore wind industry a unified, systematic approach to the risk management of cable burial for the first time

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    The Emerging Cold Economy

    ‘The Emerging Cold Economy’ report focuses on the increasing global demand for cooling and the opportunity for Britain to be a world leader in innovative low carbon cooling technologies.

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    Carbon footprinting software

    Our carbon footprinting software helps you measure, manage and reduce your organisation's carbon footprint.

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    Low Carbon Planning Toolkit for developers and local authority planners - to help you demonstrate compliance with local planning policies for onsite renewables or carbon reduction

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