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Our experts helped Guy's and St Thomas' identify, plan and integrate sustainable carbon- reduction projects that have cut its energy bills by over £1.7million per year.  

Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital

In 2010, after three year's work with the Carbon Trust, Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust has realised a 20% year on year carbon emissions' reduction (double the NHS target for the same period). As a result, it has cut its energy bills by over £1.7 million a year.

In recognition of these achievements, the hospital has gained the Carbon Trust Standard for Carbon and become a Platinum Award member of the Mayor of London's Green500 scheme.

The business case

Guy's and St Thomas' is one of the busiest NHS Foundation Trusts in the UK, employing around 10,000 people and serving over 850,000 patients every year. By 2004, the Trust was spending roughly £10 million a year on energy, a cost that was growing rapidly due to rising energy prices.

The approach

Our Carbon Management programme helped Guy's and St Thomas' identify its carbon footprint and then to quantify new and existing proposals to reduce carbon emissions and consolidate them under one umbrella.

Key activities undertaken, which were funded by a £2m investment, include the installation of the largest combined heat and power (CHP) capacity in the NHS, the addition of energy efficiency measures during the refurbishment of the Guy's Tower, updates to the hospital's catering and laundry facilities, improvements to the heating and lighting controls, and the extension of the hospital's building management system to previously unconnected areas.

Savings at a glance

  • Annual CO2 reduction: 20% year on year reduction - double the NHS target for the same period.
  • Annual cost savings: £1.7 million
  • Areas focused on: CHP, automatic meter reading, centralised computer shutdown, extension of building management system, improvements to heating and lighting controls, improvements to catering and laundry facilities

Download Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Trust case study (PDF)


Alexandra Hammond, Sustainability Manager for Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital, explains how working the with the Carbon Trust has cut the hospital's energy bills and reduced its carbon emissions.