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City streets at night

It's time the UK had an energy architect


We wouldn’t build a house or a ship without an architect. So why would we build a new energy system without one? Viewpoint by James Smith, Chair of the Carbon Trust.


Greener consumers - sustainability’s final frontier?


Encouraging customers to make sustainable choices is proving to be one of the most difficult environmental challenges for businesses in the twenty-first century. Companies are still well off-track when it comes to targets for convincing customers to change their habits or buy ‘green’ products. Nevertheless, powerful approaches using design, behavioural psychology, and technology can help bridge the gap.

Introducing October's Certification Panel


In July we invited certification clients to submit questions to our panel all consisting of Certification peers. Read on for the Q&A dialogue as we aim to share best practise and open the pathway for supporting the Carbon Trust Standard Bearers and Certified Footprint community.