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Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers have met or exceeded criteria set by the Carbon Trust designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. As part of the assessment process, the Carbon Trust takes into consideration feedback from client references regarding the suppliers’ performance. Whilst the Carbon Trust has endeavored to confirm that all suppliers included in the Green Business Directory are of a proven high quality, users of the Green Business Directory enter into contracts directly with Accredited Suppliers to the exclusion of the Carbon Trust, and at their own risk. The Carbon Trust makes no representations regarding, nor does it accept any liability whatsoever in respect of, the performance of any services or the supply of any goods by Accredited Suppliers. Case studies have been written and supplied by Accredited Suppliers. Details should be independently reviewed by prospective customers.

54 suppliers found

e-fficient Energy Systems Ltd

e-fficient Energy Systems, through Automatic Monitoring & Targeting, Variable Speed Drives and Voltage Management, will help you cost effectively measure, monitor and maximise your electricity savings and carbon footprint reduction. All savings are guaranteed and through our unique e-lease funding facility, monthly payments are usually below the savings generated. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)1909 569016

Evogreen plc

Evogreen enables organisations to achieve their green energy ambitions in a financially rewarding way. They do this by installing Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Voltage Optimisation and Biomass in order to help their clients reduce their energy costs and reliance on traditional energy, minimise their carbon footprint, whilst also taking advantage of Government incentives. Their access to funding means the projects can be paid for out of the savings that are made. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)1638 555010

Carillion Breathe Limited

Carillion provides complete turnkey energy and carbon reduction solutions to our clients, using the latest technologies and innovations. Our process includes an initial review of consumption data, benchmarking, initial survey and options appraisal to the business case preparation, detailed design, works / solution delivery and verification process. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)208 326 0882

K Glackin Electrics

K.Glackin Electrics is a family based company from the Magherafelt area, who have been trading as electrical contractors for the past 5 years. They also specialise in the supply and installation of energy efficient lighting solutions for commercial and industrial buildings. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)7938 994 104

Environmental Energies Ltd

Environmental Energies offer a free unbiased assessment of the suitability of Renewable Solutions for your site, including solar PV, wind turbines, biomass heat solutions and LED lighting. Environmental Energies offers a complete package dealing with everything from the design to installation and commissioning, including assistance with any planning and grid connection requirements. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)1858 525407


Chalmor are expert solution providers for retrofit energy saving lighting systems. Chalmor has over 30 years of experience in the delivery of well managed projects. They specialise in providing reliable cost effective solutions that achieve a rapid return on investment and lowest possible cost of ownership. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)1582 748700

Who are Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers?

The Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier scheme is the market-leading scheme for high quality energy efficient equipment and renewable technology suppliers. It provides independent validation and recognition of a supplier's skills and services - a much needed and trusted quality standard in a crowded and fast growing market place. Accredited Suppliers must meet or exceed criteria set by the Carbon Trust designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. Only Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers are included in the Green Business Directory.

Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

If your organisation would like to be considered for accreditation, please download the Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier application form.

Read more about Carbon Trust Implementation and finance support for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.