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Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers have met or exceeded criteria set by the Carbon Trust designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. As part of the assessment process, the Carbon Trust takes into consideration feedback from client references regarding the suppliers’ performance. Whilst the Carbon Trust has endeavored to confirm that all suppliers included in the Green Business Directory are of a proven high quality, users of the Green Business Directory enter into contracts directly with Accredited Suppliers to the exclusion of the Carbon Trust, and at their own risk. The Carbon Trust makes no representations regarding, nor does it accept any liability whatsoever in respect of, the performance of any services or the supply of any goods by Accredited Suppliers. Case studies have been written and supplied by Accredited Suppliers. Details should be independently reviewed by prospective customers.

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Dolphin Dispensers

Dolphin Dispensers brand was formed in the UK in 1999 as a company focused on the manufacture and distribution of dispensers for the commercial washroom. Dolphin offers an unrivalled range of washroom fittings to fit any budget including, not only washroom dispensers, but also energy efficient hot air hand dryers, nappy change units, sensor taps, and flush valves. Dolphin has recently launched a Behind Mirror System for the washroom that is revolutionary in the washroom market, combining taps, hand dryers, a soap system and lighting in one intergrated system…all behind the mirror! Read case study

PHONE: 01424 202224 or 07848453618


Chalmor are expert solution providers for retrofit energy saving lighting systems. Chalmor has over 30 years of experience in the delivery of well managed projects. They specialise in providing reliable cost effective solutions that achieve a rapid return on investment and lowest possible cost of ownership. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)1582 748700

The Efficient Energy Co.

TEEC design & install renewable & efficient energy technologies, specialising in biomass & solar PV. With no exclusivity to any one manufacturer or supplier we select from the whole market to create your complete, unbiased & tailored system. With biomass from 24kW-1MW & Solar PV; on ground mounted to even asbestos roofs. Read case study

PHONE: 0778 606 3656


eTRV+ is an award winning, British made electronic thermostatic radiator valve. It fits directly to radiators in place of traditional TRV’s, enabling automatic room by room heating control. It has been proven to cut energy bills by up to 30% by: • Heating only the rooms you are using: Eliminating wasted heating in empty rooms. • Keeping temperature consistent: Preventing overheating. By regulating temperature, room users will no longer need to use fans or heaters and air-conditioning will not switch on to cool overheated rooms. • Working in harmony with the environment: For example, turning the heating down to allow natural heat from the sun to warm the room. • Minimising heat loss: For example, turning the heating down to prevent heat loss when a window has been opened. • Reducing system load: eTRV+ works to provide system balance and reduce whole system load, which will in turn reduce energy consumption by variable speed pumps and boilers. Read case study

PHONE: 01582 748700

Edge Electrical & Renewables Ltd

Edge Electrical & Renewables Ltd takes a holistic approach to their customers needs providing them with a service that is second to none. They are extremely passionate about renewable technologies implementing them with great efficiency to save our customers energy and money. They have a dedicated team of experienced, highly skilled individuals who are competent, friendly and trustworthy. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)1260 224073


Design, installation & support of high technology solutions for building energy management and critical plant monitoring applications. Read case study

PHONE: +44(0)161 476 1794

Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier

Who are Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers?

The Carbon Trust Accredited Supplier scheme is the market-leading scheme for high quality energy efficient equipment and renewable technology suppliers. It provides independent validation and recognition of a supplier's skills and services - a much needed and trusted quality standard in a crowded and fast growing market place. Accredited Suppliers must meet or exceed criteria set by the Carbon Trust designed to examine their capability to deliver thoughtful, well-designed energy efficient and renewable energy systems. Only Carbon Trust Accredited Suppliers are included in the Green Business Directory.

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