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Applications for carbon surveys are closed - Carbon Trust Wales now offers a number of other services specifically for Welsh companies and organisations

Support for organisations in Wales

As well as offering the full range of Carbon Trust services, Carbon Trust Wales also offers a number of services specifically for Welsh companies and organisations. This includes 0% loans, and free resource efficiency support for Welsh businesses and public sector bodies. Find out more about how we can help you


Carbon Surveys update - October 2014

For the past 12 years the Carbon Trust is proud to have had a presence in Wales during which time our delivery programmes and consultant networks have worked hand in hand. We are proud to have helped cut 9 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions and deliver more than £700 million in financial savings for thousands of Welsh companies and public sector bodies. Much of this work has been achieved thanks to the financial support of the Welsh Government.

From October 2014 the Carbon Trust will no longer receive direct grant funding from the Welsh Government to deliver free services. This change does not affect the Carbon Trust’s commitment to continue working with our customers in Wales, as we have in England and Scotland following the end of grant funding in those countries.

Unfortunately however following extremely high demand we have exhausted available funding for the on-site carbon survey programme. As a result the Carbon Trust are unable to accept new applications for this service. As a mission-driven and not-for-profit group the Carbon Trust will continue to work in Wales, helping to support public and private sector customers as they strive to save energy, reduce emissions and become more sustainable. We’ll provide this support both directly on a paid for basis to our many valued customers and through the Welsh Government’s new resource efficiency framework.  


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