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Carbon Footprint Labels from the Carbon Trust

Carbon labelling to communicate carbon footprint measurement, certification and reduction of your organisation's products and services.

We offer two types of Carbon Footprint labelling options

Our Reducing CO2 Label offers a simple and effective way for your business to communicate that you have measured and had certified the carbon footprint of its products and services.  The Reducing CO2 Label also allows you communicate the carbon footprint measurement and that you have committed to reduce it.

The CO2 Measured Label can improve your brand's reputation by clearly communicating your achievements in accurately measuring your carbon footprints and disclosing the results.

Download the Carbon Trust Product Footprint Certification Overview (PDF)

Download the Carbon Trust Footprint Model Certification Overview (PDF)


Build your brand's reputation with the 
Carbon Footprint Labels

The Reducing CO2 Label can improve your brand's reputation by clearly communicating your carbon reduction commitment and achievements.

Our most popular labelling offer allows you to use the Reducing CO2 Label, on and off products, to communicate your carbon reduction commitment and achievements to your customers.

The CO2 Measured Label allows to you show that you have accurately measured the footprint and communicate the carbon footprint. No commitment to reduce the products' carbon footprint can be made using the CO2 Measured Label.

Our new complementary labelling offer allows you to use the CO2 Measured version of the Carbon Footprint Label, recognising your achievements in measuring the carbon footprint of your products or services.

For both labelling options we offer certification against PAS 2050 and/or the WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol Product Standard. Certified carbon footprints must also meet the requirements in the Footprint Expert™ Guide and the Product Carbon Footprint Protocol (PDF). Use of the Reducing CO2 Label also requires re-certification every two years, when it must be demonstrated that the carbon footprint of a certified product or service has reduced. Use of the CO2 Measured Label enables you to communicate the carbon footprint of your products or services - with or without the certified footprint numbers. It does not require a commitment to carbon reduction. However, the label cannot be used to communicate a commitment to reduce or actual carbon reductions achieved.


Grow your market share

In today's market, an increasing number of consumers are switching to brands that show a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. And they are starting to recognise the importance of emissions produced across the whole product lifecycle - from raw materials, through production and use to disposal.

This means you have the opportunity to gain competitive advantage by:

  • measuring and having your product carbon footprint certified
  • clearly communicating your commitment to reducing it
  • demonstrate the real carbon reductions you have achieved.

The Reducing CO2 Label is the best way to do this.

In addition to the Reducing CO2 Label, the CO2 Measured Label will allow for:

  • measuring and having your product carbon footprint certified clearly communicating the results

Prove your carbon reduction credentials

Having strong credentials that no one knows about is a wasted opportunity, and shouting about commitments that you can't actually demonstrate risks losing consumer trust - something that is very hard to recover.

The Reducing CO2 Label shows consumers at a glance that you have measured your product carbon footprint, have had it rigorously certified, and are committed to reducing it. To get the Reducing CO2 Label, you need to have your carbon footprint independently verified by Carbon Trust Certification.

As an alternative, the CO2 Measured Label can be used to simply show the carbon footprint of the product and that it has been accurately measured. Our certification will give your measurement and reduction achievements credibility with consumers, and reassure them that your environmental credentials are robust and demonstrable and that your commitment is genuine.

Over 90 brands, in 19 countries, have already been awarded the label, and it appears on iconic high-street names including TescoDysonKingsmill and Walkers.


Realise the benefits of independent verification

Not all organisations opt to label their product/services: certification is in itself a valuable tool, and many of our customers have gained from the benefits of certification alone. The independent verification will help ensure your carbon footprint measurement is robust, it can also help you identify hidden opportunities for greater efficiencies and carbon savings within your operations and supply chain.  Contact us now to discuss your specific certification requirements.

To find out more about the certification process and to access documents that relate to the process such as the application form, download the certification process here (PDF).


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