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We provide independent verification and certification services that can enhance your corporate reputation and build trust with customers, investors and stakeholders.

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Carbon Trust Breakfast Briefing event: "Certified for Sustainability" featuring Marks & Spencer
8 May 2014

An overview of the Carbon Trust Standard for Waste, with guest speakers Marks & Spencer providing an insight into why they chose to certify to the Carbon Trust Standard and where their sustainability efforts are heading.
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How we can help

Consumers are increasingly demanding high environmental standards from organisations and the products and services they buy and use. Organisations that set and meet carbon reduction targets benefit from reduced energy costs, enhance their brand reputation among their customers and mitigate against regulatory risk. 

Carbon Water Waste Standard

We provide a range of organisational footprint certification, verification and training, including the Carbon Trust Standard and are able to certify the greenhouse gas emissions of your products and services at all stages of the value chain.  

The Carbon Trust Water Standard certifies organisations that measure, manage and reduce water use year on year, and the Carbon Trust Waste Standard certifies organisations that measure, manage and reduce their waste output year on year.CO2 Measured

You can also find out about how your products could become eligible to use the Carbon Footprint Label.


What are the benefits?

Cost saving - reduce your organisational energy use and associated costs, identify carbon hotspots in the life cycle of your product to reduce carbon emissions and costs among your suppliers.

Corporate reputation and brand preference - drive awareness of your organisation's and product's environmental credentials to customers and stakeholders, improve environmental rankings and demonstrate corporate social responsibility

Reduce risk - our certification ensures your carbon footprint measurement is robust and credible, and a sound basis for your carbon management decisions.

Staff engagement - improve staff morale, retention and ability to attract new talent, enable the Board to demonstrate awareness of and leadership in carbon management

Increase sales  - our Carbon Footprint Label enables you to differentiate your products from competitors, to help you drive sales with customers.  With the Carbon Trust Standard increase customer loyalty by showing you meet customer's procurement requirements.

Broaden market distribution - demonstrate a product's commitment to carbon reduction to meet retailer demand and gain better distribution of your product.

Benchmark your products and organisation - assess your product's carbon management performance against your product portfolio and find out how your organisation stacks up against other Standard Bearers in your sector.

Develop new products - obtain metrics about your product's carbon performance to raise standards and develop new, greener products.


Why work with the Carbon Trust?

Carbon Trust Certification's focus has ensured it has become a global centre of excellence for organisational and product carbon footprint certification. We provide:

Specialist, cutting edge services

  • High level of technical competence and depth of experience in organisational and product carbon footprint certification ensuring high quality results.
  • A proven track record as an innovator in the field, with an unsurpassed level of experience in creative problem solving. Able to take on complex projects and pioneer in new areas of organisational and product footprint certification.
  • Carbon Trust Certification is the world's leading certifier of organisational carbon footprint reduction.
  • The global leader in product carbon footprinting certification for PAS 2050, and the first certification body fully competent proficient and able to offer certification based on Footprint Expert, the Code of Good Practice, and now the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard.
  • Certification through Carbon Trust Certification provides access to the Carbon Footprint Label.

Independent certification

  • We certify organisational and product carbon footprints to recognised global standards.
  • We are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO 14065:2007 to provide greenhouse gas verification against PAS 2050 and the Code of Good Practice. This means we have been independently assessed by UKAS against internationally recognised standards, in particular for our competence and impartiality.
  • As part of the Carbon Trust group, we bring the credibility and authority of the internationally recognised Carbon Trust brand.


  • Carbon Trust Certification has built impartiality into its structure, strategy, policies, procedures and operations and is committed to continually improve in this area. 
  • We have analysed potential conflicts of interest at all levels - including Strategy and Policy, Operational (evaluation and certification), Commercial, Financial and Personnel - and have put in place measures to ensure potential conflicts are avoided or controlled. We have also undertaken such analysis concerning our relationship with other companies within the Carbon Trust group.
  •  We have developed policies and procedures to ensure objectivity, transparency and independence throughout our certification activities.

Proven track record

  • Over 650 organisations have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard since it was launched in June 2008.   We have worked with large, small and medium sized organisations in both the public and private sector and  across a large number of sectors.  We have experience of certifying global carbon footprint reductions.  The certification team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any organisation wanting to work with us. 
  • Our certifiers have evaluated the product carbon footprints of many consumer and business-to-business products - from high volume food, beverage and agricultural products such as potatoes, milk, juice and wine, to complex goods such as electronics, hand dryers, and pharmaceuticals - with supply chains stretching across the globe.
  • Our clients are spread across the world's major economies and we have worked extensively in the UK, Europe, US, Latin America, Asia and Australasia.

High level of customer care

  • Named certification Team Leader  or client manager providing a personal service
  • We are committed to:
    • Excellent, professional customer service while maintaining impartiality
    • Fair presentation of findings and transparency throughout the certification process - to ensure you understand the certification, criteria, process and decisions reached
    • Continual improvement through customer feedback.


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