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We provide independent verification and certification services that can enhance your corporate reputation and build trust with customers, investors and stakeholders.

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The annual Carbon Trust Standard Bearers Conference will be held on Tuesday 14th October at the British Museum in London.
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The public sector is a key market for PHS, and along with the private sector they increasingly place greater importance on the carbon impact of products and services they purchase. Having the Carbon Trust certify the carbon footprint of our sanitary bins allows us to comply with purchasing requirements and operate more confidently in a competitive environment. We get a strong marketing message with trusted approval that we are managing resources efficiently and demonstrating absolute best practice.
Emma Wood, Group Sustainability Manager, PHS Group

The Carbon Trust Standard

Carbon Water Waste Standard

The Carbon Trust Standard is the world’s leading independent certification of an organisation’s impact in respect of the ‘three pillars’ of environmental sustainability:

  • Energy usage and greenhouse gas (CO2e) emissions
  • Water usage, management and effluent
  • Waste management and disposal

Awarded to recognise best-practice and real achievements in reduction, the Carbon Trust Standard helps organisations to measure, manage and reduce their environmental impact, whilst improving their resource management and operational sustainability.

The certification process identifies inefficiencies in resource use and provides a framework for improving management processes, reducing waste and costs.

Over 1,100 organisations have certified to the Carbon Trust Standard, helping create a new business culture whereby corporate sustainability is now an essential part of private and public sector management.

Organisations choose the Carbon Trust Standard to independently validate and certify their achievements in adopting more sustainable business models.

Carbon Trust Standard bearers include

  • Nationwide
  • Ofgem
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • The FA
  • Norton Rose Fulbright

Certified organisations have saved save a staggering £165m in energy and operational costs and reduce carbon emissions by over 3.6Mt CO2e every year, with an average annual energy cost saving of £322,000.

We also offer the Carbon Trust Standards for Carbon, Water and Waste.

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Carbon Footprint Label

CO2 Measured

The Carbon Footprint Label communicates the environmental credentials of your product, to build your brand's reputation, and drive sales.

We offer two types of Carbon Footprint labelling options to achieve this: the Reducing CO2 Label and the CO2 Measured Label. Read more about how these can help you.

Certification offers real advantages

Enhanced corporate reputation and brand value

  • Drive awareness of your environmental credentials to stakeholders and reduce risks
  • Enhance your reputation by using the Carbon Trust Standard logo
  • Be recognised as an independently verified environmentally responsible organisation
  • Differentiate your brand in a crowded marketplace

Cost savings

  • Identify systemic ‘leakages’ and highlight opportunities for efficiency gains
  • Benchmark your company’s resource management capabilities

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Meet customers’ procurement requirements to scrutinise resource efficiency
  • Improve staff morale, retention and ability to attract new talent


  • Be well prepared to meet the  requirements of the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Mandatory Carbon Reporting, CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project).


Why work with the Carbon Trust?

Carbon Trust Certification's focus has ensured it has become a global centre of excellence for organisational and product carbon footprint certification. We provide:

Specialist, cutting edge services

  • High level of technical competence and depth of experience in organisational and product carbon footprint certification ensuring high quality results.
  • A proven track record as an innovator in the field, with an unsurpassed level of experience in creative problem solving. Able to take on complex projects and pioneer in new areas of organisational and product footprint certification.
  • Carbon Trust Certification is the world's leading certifier of organisational carbon footprint reduction.
  • The global leader in product carbon footprinting certification for PAS 2050, and the first certification body fully competent proficient and able to offer certification based on Footprint Expert, the Code of Good Practice, and now the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol Product Standard.
  • Certification through Carbon Trust Certification provides access to the Carbon Footprint Label.

Independent certification

  • We certify organisational and product carbon footprints to recognised global standards.
  • We are accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) to ISO 14065:2007 to provide greenhouse gas verification against PAS 2050 and the Code of Good Practice. This means we have been independently assessed by UKAS against internationally recognised standards, in particular for our competence and impartiality.
  • As part of the Carbon Trust group, we bring the credibility and authority of the internationally recognised Carbon Trust brand.


  • Carbon Trust Certification has built impartiality into its structure, strategy, policies, procedures and operations and is committed to continually improve in this area. 
  • We have analysed potential conflicts of interest at all levels - including Strategy and Policy, Operational (evaluation and certification), Commercial, Financial and Personnel - and have put in place measures to ensure potential conflicts are avoided or controlled. We have also undertaken such analysis concerning our relationship with other companies within the Carbon Trust group.
  •  We have developed policies and procedures to ensure objectivity, transparency and independence throughout our certification activities.

Proven track record

  • Over 650 organisations have achieved the Carbon Trust Standard since it was launched in June 2008.   We have worked with large, small and medium sized organisations in both the public and private sector and  across a large number of sectors.  We have experience of certifying global carbon footprint reductions.  The certification team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any organisation wanting to work with us. 
  • Our certifiers have evaluated the product carbon footprints of many consumer and business-to-business products - from high volume food, beverage and agricultural products such as potatoes, milk, juice and wine, to complex goods such as electronics, hand dryers, and pharmaceuticals - with supply chains stretching across the globe.
  • Our clients are spread across the world's major economies and we have worked extensively in the UK, Europe, US, Latin America, Asia and Australasia.

High level of customer care

  • Named certification Team Leader  or client manager providing a personal service
  • We are committed to:
    • Excellent, professional customer service while maintaining impartiality
    • Fair presentation of findings and transparency throughout the certification process - to ensure you understand the certification, criteria, process and decisions reached
    • Continual improvement through customer feedback.


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