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Carbon Footprint Label

Breakfast briefing: Environmental footprint calculation to deliver business resource efficiency

London, UK: Environmental footprinting of products and services is now an established process, but one that still offers substantial opportunities for manufacturers, service providers and brand owners. In a series of two breakfast briefings we will be looking at the role that footprinting and labelling can play in your sustainability agenda and how it provides real business benefits.

Designing City Resilience

Designing City Resilience

London, UK: Designing City Resilience aims to change how cities around the world are planned, designed and built to become more resilient.


Breakfast Briefing: Thinking Big in Sustainability

London,UK: This Breakfast Briefing will consider how major brands are responding to the challenge of adopting more sustainable and environmentally benign business models. We are delighted to be joined by O2, who will present an overview of their "Think Big" sustainability initiative and provide insight into their strategy and recent project work, highlighting the benefits gained so far as well as some key learning points.