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UK Construction Week 2015

UK Construction Week 2015

Birmingham, UK: UK Construction Week is all set to become the leading industry event for construction and building professionals with key exhibitors such as Screwfix, CEMEX and British Gypsum.

Footprints, wet and dry

Birmingham, UK: Footprinting of products and services is an established process, but it still offers substantial opportunities for manufacturers. This event will cover developments in footprinting, including the capability to deliver full lifecycle water footprints in addition to carbon, identifying core areas of water consumption and opportunities for reduction, cost efficiency and risk mitigation. The event will also look at how footprint models can be assessed and certified.

Electricity pylon

Changes to the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard

London, UK: The Carbon Trust Scope 2 Workshop will deliver a detailed review of the changes to GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance and the implications for Sustainability, Environment & CSR Managers and those connected with environmental and sustainability reporting.

Scotland Policy Conferences

Energy in Scotland: The next steps

Edinburgh, Scotland: This policy conference by Westminster Forum Scotland will provide a timely opportunity to discuss next steps for the energy sector in Scotland.

The Energy Summit 2015

London, UK: The Energy Summit 2015 will bring together senior representatives from the supermajors, the smaller independents and national oil companies with executives in the power, utility and renewable sectors; together with policy makers, economists and academics to discuss and debate the future of the energy business and provide some clarity on what it will look like 15 years from now.