About us

The Carbon Trust is an independent, expert partner of leading organisations around the world, helping them contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable future through carbon reduction, resource efficiency strategies and commercialising low carbon technologies.

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We have 160 experts working around the world from offices in the 
UK, China, South Africa, Mexico and the US.

Who we are and what we believe in

Our mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. To have real impact we act as a catalyst, making the case for change to businesses, governments and civil society worldwide.

By stimulating resource efficient and low carbon action we contribute to green goals, including the lowering of carbon emissions, the development of low carbon businesses, increased energy security and job creation.  Our experts, drawn from a range of backgrounds and nationalities, can help your organisation tackle climate change by reducing your carbon emissions and identifying growth and revenue opportunities through resource reduction initiatives, cost-saving strategies and the adoption of resource-efficient technologies.

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We have more than a decade of experience

Created in 2001, we have developed into a world-leading and trusted expert in low carbon issues and sustainable strategies, environmental footprinting and low carbon technology development and deployment. We offer more than 14 years of unparalleled experience in the low carbon sector.

So far, our work has saved our clients £5.5 billion in energy costs and cut our customers' carbon emissions by 60Mt.

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How we can help your organisation

We offer a range of tailored services, designed to meet the needs of businesses, governments and the public sector:

  • We advise businesses, governments and the public sector on their opportunities in a sustainable, low carbon world
  • We measure and certify the environmental footprint of organisations, supply chains and products
  • We develop and deploy low carbon technologies and solutions, from energy efficiency to renewable power


Read more about us in the Carbon Trust booklet (PDF)

Annual report

Download our latest annual reports:

Annual Report 2013/2014 (PDF)
Annual Report 2012/2013 (PDF)

Annual Report 2011/2012 (PDF)

The results of the annual impact assessment are presented in the Performance Assessment section of our Annual Report. Our Performance Assessment Methodology publication (PDF) summarises the impact assessment process by each area of activity and describes it in detail by service.

We are committed to continually improving our environmental performance, as set out in our Environmental Policy (PDF).


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