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The Carbon Trust's mission is to accelerate the move to a sustainable, low carbon economy. We are independent experts on carbon reduction and resource efficiency, who reinvest surpluses from group commercial activities into our mission.

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We advise businesses, governments and the public sector on their opportunities in a sustainable low carbon world



We measure and certify the environmental footprint of organisations, products and services



We help develop and deploy low carbon technologies and solutions, from energy efficiency to renewable power

UK Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

Is your organisation affected by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) regulations?

The Carbon Trust provides a complete suite of ESOS services to help companies achieve compliance with the regulations in a cost-effective and efficient manner and turn energy-saving opportunities into real business advantage. We have already worked with dozens of companies to help them comply with ESOS, while reaping the business benefits of energy efficiency.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme ESOS

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